Tomorrow child - door Shalini Sawhny

BLOG MAMA VITA " Tomorrow child" door Shalini Sawhny

Deze keer een engelstalige rijm

I never knew love could be like this Encompassing and powerful and beyond bliss. And when i realized my dreams , My picket fences and dogs running in my yard by the sea Was Actually a house on a canal with Two Cats' running free.

U came into our lives and u were more than we expected u to be Because you had autism And SO this was a different reality .

U didnt speak until u were Two But u learned to read SO quickly As if you had the key and the clue

Puzzles were easy once u stopped spinning them around And a car was fun once you learned There was more to lining it up with the rest of your Toys.

U memorize each line of every movie and song Then use it to talk in the right context Never wrong! U went From flapping your hands to pointing and waving goodbye To showing us how to use an iPad in the blink of an eye.

You; my beautiful boy Took your time calling me mama But your cuddles and smiles and sensitive soul brought SO much joy.

You; my forever friend , my happy angel learned to say" never never give up","i believe in you and i love you" perhaps later than your Peers, But you are not less Perhaps a bit more Even though the road ahead may be Paved with some tears.

You,my boy are tomorrows Child And my hope is that there is more compassion, acceptance and love that you Will find.